Tuesday’s Blog Challenge

Today, your job is to do two things:

1.  Write a blog post of at least 4 paragraphs about anything you would like.  This blog is for me to read, so…it needs to have capitals and periods and be spelled properly.

2.  Next, you need to check out some of these blogs below.  You can comment on their blogs- remember to read their blog post fully and then spend some time asking questions or making comments.

Where I would love to visit and why

EmEthanTessNikhilErilynGermonieJacquelynAndreaCarrieGeorgie,  ZechariaZainabShwetaConnorLauraJakeBrittanyBryseJoshJuliaKali,KaraLauraMattEricAlexandraIzzyAshleyJohnMary

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