War of 1812

This week we will be learning about the War of 1812. You will be working in groups to research some significant battles and then taking that information and preparing a dramatic scene to present to the class.
Here are some bookmarks I have found that might help, but you can do some searching on your own as well.


This morning, you are going to be playing around in Bitstrips. Your main job is to create an avatar, but if you have an idea of where you are going for history, you might want to spend a bit of time creating your characters for that. First of all you need to go here
When you get there enter the class code: 208mcd and find your name. You will be prompted to put in a password. Choose this carefully AND WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then you are ready to go!


Today, we are going to be reading blogs from England. The students there are working on a ‘Nano Maker Fair’ Here is a bit more information about the project.

Today, I want you to go to this link and comment on a few of their blogs.

Then, you are going to go to your blog and write a post about you and Peterborough- try to be creative. I’d like you to include at least 3 pictures or other type of media as well. Think about what you’d like people to know about our great city! When you finish your blog post, I want you to use the tag quadblogging and Peterborough. You need to separate the tags with commas. Think about why I want you to include tags in your blog post.

Tuesday, May 15th

Today you have several jobs to do when you have the netbooks:

First, I need you to go to this website and fill in the survey. This is from the Geography we were doing online after March Break.

Then, you need to go here and find the students you have been assigned to. They have all created an avatar in Voki to introduce themselves. Listen to their Voki and leave them a comment. Then you should read one or two of their blog posts and respond to what they have written. Remember the criteria we laid out in class.

Finally, before this period is over, I need you to go here and create an account on Voice Thread. It is ok to use your full name and I don’t care what email address you use. You can use the James Strath one if that is what you want to do, or your own email. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO RECORD WHAT EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD YOU USED!!!!!!! Write this down in your blue duotang (please, please, please!)

Hi from Niagara Falls

Do you ever have one of those words that you can’t spell, no matter how many times you try? For me that word seems to be Niagara- thank goodness for spell check.

I got into Niagara Falls today at about 3:30. I left Peterborough about noon and stopped quickly at the Oshawa Town Centre. Girls, you will be impressed with me, I went into Lululemon and bought NOTHING! That has never happened before.

Here is the view from my room- not much to look at, but Clifton Hill looks pretty neat. There is a movie theatre that is showing a Sponge Bob 4D movie (I think I’ll pass on that) and there is a Ferris wheel as well. I might go and check it out tomorrow after the conference is done for the day.

I went for a walk when I got here- this would be an amazing place to go for a run, if only my knee could handle it! The boardwalk is very long and paved and flat (my idea of perfect running landscape) I got pretty close to the falls, tomorrow I think I’ll walk even closer.

I went down and checked out the gym a few minutes ago, it is pretty slick. Not as nice as the Y, but I think it will do. They have several machines and free weights. It’s nice to think I can still get up in the morning and work out before sitting on my butt all day.

I hope you have a great two days. I’d love it if someone could catch Jessica up on how to add Integers when she gets back.
I also promise a treat for you on Wednesday!
See you soon,
Mrs. McDonald